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Week 44

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Monday 01.11.2021
Beef stroganoff L, G
Fava bean stoganoff M, G, VEG
Potatoes M, G, VEG
Beet and apple grated M, G, VEG
Tuesday 02.11.2021
Casserole of two fish L, G
Vegetable and cheese gratine L, G
Mashed potatoes L, G
Iceberg and zucchini and cauliflower salad M, G, VEG
Wednesday 03.11.2021
Apetit vegetable steak ripe L, G, K
Mango sauce M, G, VEG
Potatoes L, G
Clear coleslaw salad (Cabbage, carrot and lemon vinaigrette) M, G, VEG
Thursday 04.11.2021
Macaroni and minced meat casserole L
Vegetable-paste casserole M, G, K
Grated carrots + parsley M, G, VEG
Friday 05.11.2021
Salmon soup L, G, K
Vegetable soup a la Arabian M, G, VEG
Tomato wedges M, G, VEG
Flat potato bread
Banana M, G, VEG
Saturday 06.11.2021
Meat balls M
Vegetable bug M, G
Brown sauces L, G
Creamed potatoes L, G
Green salad with peas and orange M, G, VEG
Sunday 07.11.2021
Mustard pork sauce L, G
Bull sauce (low flavor) M, G, VEG
Potatoes M, G, VEG
Green salad (iceberg-cucumber-carrot) M, G, VEG

Gluten free (G), Lactose free (L), Low lactose (VL), Milk- free (M), Suitable for vegans (VEG)

Please notice that changes are possible and meal packages may be available on different days of the week. Special diets what are announced on the website may change. Always check the special diet information at the serving place.

The other weeks

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