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Week 33

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Monday 16.08.2021
Salmon and pasta casserole with cheese L
Vegetable and pasta casserole L
Iceberg lettuce with tomatoes and cucumberM, G, VEG
Tuesday 17.08.2021
Chicken sauce with mango L, G
Vegetable Thai curry sauce M, G
Whole grain rice
Iceberg-zucchini-melon mix saladM, G, VEG
Wednesday 18.08.2021
Small sausages L, G
Soy sausage M, G
Mashed root vegetables and potaoes L, G
Campfire salad (Cabbage, carrot, canned pineapple and marinade) M, G, VEG
Thursday 19.08.2021
Minced meat and mashed potatoe casserole L, G
Soya bean and mashed potatoe casserole L, G
Iceberg-carrot-leek salad M, G, VEG

Friday 20.08.2021
Turkey soup with curry L, G
Carrot purée soup L, G
Tomato wedges M, G, VEG
Multigrain bread roll
Mango quark L, G
Saturday 21.08.2021
Chicken and potato casserole L, G
Bean and vegetable casserole M,G
Green salad (iceberg pineapple-parsley)M G, VEG
Sunday 22.08.2021
Macaroni and minced meat L
Soya bean and mashed potatoe casserole L
Green salad (iceberg-zucchini-pineapple) M, G, VEG
Gluten free (G), Lactose free (L), Low lactose (VL), Milk- free (M), Suitable for vegans (VEG)

Please notice that changes are possible and meal packages may be available on different days of the week. Special diets what are announced on the website may change. Always check the special diet information at the serving place.

The other weeks

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