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Week 36

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Monday 06.09.2021
Tunafish and pasta casserole L
Mediterranean vegetable pasta L
Iceberg lettuce with cucumber and orange M, G, VEG

Tuesday 07.09.2021
Turkey in tomato and pepper sauce L, G
Chili con fava beans M, G
Potatoes M, G, VEG
Oat meal grain M
Grated carrots M, G, VEG
Wednesday 08.09.2021
Minced meat steak M
Crispy carrot and quinoa balls M, G
Root vegetable and mashed potato casserole L, G
Grated cabbage with mandarine M, G, VEG
Thursday 09.09.2021
Minced meat sauce with cheese spread L, G
Tomato and cashew sauce M, G
Potatoes M, G, VEG
Iceberg lettuce with cucumber and tomatoes M, G, VEG
Friday 10.09.2021
Creamy chicken soup L, G
Vegetable and bean soup with herbs M, G
Lettuce leaves M, G, VEG
Cherry tomatoes M, G, VEG
Carrot bread roll
Blackcurrant-vanilla whipped porridge L
Saturday 11.09.2021
A small fish steak G, M
Vegetable steaks M, G VEG
Beshamel sauce L, G
Mashed potatoes L, G
Beetroot salad, Atria L
Sunday 12.09.2021
Chicken sauce L, G
Soy-vegetable sauce L
Potatoes M, G, VEG
Vegetable mix M, G, VEG
Iceberg-tomato-cucumber salad M, G, VEG
Blackcurrant jam
Gluten free (G), Lactose free (L), Low lactose (VL), Milk- free (M), Suitable for vegans (VEG)

Please notice that changes are possible and meal packages may be available on different days of the week. Special diets what are announced on the website may change. Always check the special diet information at the serving place.

The other weeks

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