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Maanantai 30.05.2022
Fish soup, pollock L, G
Cheese pea soup L, G
Sliced tomato
A slice of dark or light bread
Cheese spreads
Tiistai 31.05.2022
Chicken Nugget
Mashed potatoes L, G
Grated carrots-pineapple grated
Keskiviikko 01.06.2022
Beef sauce L, G, K
Mushroom and vegetable sauce M, G, VEG
Cabbage-zucchini-corn salad
Torstai 02.06.2022
Soybean and vegetables lasagnette L
Green bottom / cucumber / tomato / melon as components
Perjantai 03.06.2022
Pork sausage soup M, G, K
Vegetable soup M, G, VEG
Rye bread roll
Lettuce leaves
Tomato slices
Berry yogurt-curd L, G
Lauantai 04.06.2022
Vegetable ball
Brown sauce L, G
Green salad (iceberg, pea, orange cube)
Sunnuntai 05.06.2022
Mustard pork sauce L, G
Fava bean sauce M, G, VEG
Mashed potatoes L, G
Sliced cucumber
Beetroot slices
Gluten free (G), Lactose free (L), Low lactose (VL), Milk- free (M), Suitable for vegans (VEG)

Please notice that changes are possible, especially some parts of meal (balls, patties etc.) may change in different places.

You find more information of the special diet at the serving place. Always check details from there.

Katso muut viikot

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