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Maanantai 28.11.2022
Chicken minced meat soup M, G, K
Spicy Bean-vegetable soup M, VEG
Sweet pepper slices
Sliced cheese
Sliced white bread
Tiistai 29.11.2022
Vegetable and potato casserole L, G
Lentil and vegetable casserole L, G
Greek salad (iceberg lettuce-salad cheece-olives-red onion-tomato)
Keskiviikko 30.11.2022
Minced meat sauce with cheese spread L, G, K
Soybean and sweet pepper sauce M, VEG
Grated swede with parsley
Torstai 01.12.2022
Ham and vegetable soup M, G, K
Spinach soup L, G
Oats flat bread
Sliced cucumber
Perjantai 02.12.2022
Minced meat patties with rosepepper sauce (kastike L, G)
Pea and beetroot patties
Potatoes (cold production)
Mashed potatoes (hot production)
Iceberg-watermelon-cucumber-arucula salad
Berry quark

Lauantai 03.12.2022
Salmon and potato casserole L, G
Fava bean casserole M, G
Iceberg lettuce with cucumber and sweet pepper
Sunnuntai 04.12.2022
Minced meat balls
Root butter-bean balls
Brown sauce
Vegetable mix
Beetroot salad
Gluten free (G), Lactose free (L), Low lactose (VL), Milk- free (M), Suitable for vegans (VEG)

Please notice that changes are possible, especially some parts of meal (balls, patties etc.) may change in different places.

You find more information of the special diet at the serving place. Always check details from there.

Katso muut viikot

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