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Maanantai 13.02.2023
Borsch soup with minced meat M, G, K
Vegetarian borsch soup M, G, VEG
Sliced cheese
Cherry tomatoes
Graham flour roll
Tiistai 14.02.2023
Soy sausage
Brown sauce with mustardL, G
Coleslaw salad (cabbage, carrot and lemon vinaigrette)
Rasberry-caramel curd L, G
Keskiviikko 15.02.2023
Chicken sauce L, G, K
Soybean and vegetable ragout L
Potatoes or barley
Gabbage salad with black currant
Torstai 16.02.2023
Kebab meat and potato casserole L, G, K
Vegetarian kebab casserole M, VEG
Green salad ( iceberg lettuce. Cucumber, orange)
Perjantai 17.02.2023
Four-grain flake porridge
Rosehip soup M, G
Rye bread
Cold cut
Sliced tomatoes
Sliced cucumber

Alternative lunch kindergartens:
Minced meat and potato casserole L, G
Quarn and vegetable casserole L
Grated carrot with parsley
Lauantai 18.02.2023
Pesto- chicken potatoes casserole L, G
Vegetable and tofu casserole M, G
Sunnuntai 19.02.2023
Pike fish balls
Carrot quinoa balls
Mashed potatoes
Gluten free (G), Lactose free (L), Low lactose (VL), Milk- free (M), Suitable for vegans (VEG)

Please notice that changes are possible, especially some parts of meal (balls, patties etc.) may change in different places.

You find more information of the special diet at the serving place. Always check details from there.

Katso muut viikot

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